This whole constant sexualization of the human race has got to stop

Recently, more and more articles and stories have been surfacing about woman empowerment, speaking out against women as sex objects, equal pay for man and woman working the same job. Little by little, awareness is getting out there, and that’s a great thing. 

I believe in respect. Women should respect themselves. Men should respect women. Women should respect men. One gender should not be looked down upon. Yes, of course, different genders have different responsibilities and roles. That’s natural. Too often, though, the population as a whole refuses to do itself a favor and embrace confidence and self-respect.

I’m not radical, and I know it’s not easy. I’m just a woman who is tired of reading stories about men and women who are so down on themselves because they feel they need to be subordinate to others, whatever gender they may be.

Let’s put an end to focusing on bodies as objects. We’re all people, and respect starts with us.